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((as an ooc note, all the micro heroes came from here: And I make no claim at having made them myself. All I did was organize them into one picture. Also, there are some noticeable differences in this and the previously established Earth-Two facts, but considering this Earth is never, ever heading for a Crisis, I figure that's all right.))

Top row: Huntress (me), Star-Spangled Kid, Sandy, Speedy, Power Girl, Jessie Quick
Bottom Row: Falcon, Starman (II), Atom Smasher, Wonder Girl, Offspring, Airwave (II)

So, it's been a little (for me anyway) since I talked with Kara and Syl about getting the younger heroes together. The more I thought about it, the more I really thought it was a good idea. Jay and the others aren't going to be around forever and new heroes didn't really start showing up until Kara and me made our debuts. So somebody's gotta be ready for that day. Between our various contacts, we got in touch with the people we wanted to, and even got pointed to a few others along the way.

Atom and Wonder Woman were actually pretty keen with the idea of us recruiting Albert and Lyta; Atom-Al was about the same age Albert is now when he started and Diana knows she can't keep Lyta in the nest forever. Hawkman was a little less happy about Hector, but I think Ted was pretty ecstatic to see David following in his footsteps, especially since he says Jack was pretty embarrassed by the whole Starman thing.

Also managed to pick up a couple people I didn't even know existed. Offspring is the son of, of all people, Plastic Man, while Airwave is the son of the All-Star Squadron member of the same name. Really odd fact, his real name is Hal Jordan, just like the Earth-One Green Lantern. What's up with that?

But nothing's set in stone and there's still a lot of details to work out, but we've gotten a tentative commitment from all of these people. But I think what matters most is that I've talked it over with some of the other JSAers, and they think this is a good idea too.

Even talked to Dick about it, about the possibility of leaving Gotham. I think he was a little disappointed that I wanted to, but I've come to realize if I'm ever really going to grow, I need to fly the nest for a while, see if I'm more than just a Gotham Guardian.
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